Nashville's first and only all donation yoga

We are in the process of getting our 501(c)(3) approval.
Once that is finalized, your donation will be tax deductible.
We appreciate anything you give to help us keep things going.

Our time at Kenner Ave has come to an end.
We are now focusing on bringing yoga to you... to your parks, to your communities.
Check out our MeetUp or Facebook pages for times and locations. 

Training for anyone interested in teaching, no experience necessary and actually encouraged, as we are training in the ancient methods of yoga mediation and qigong and how to incorporate instruments of meditation as used by Tibetan monks for over 2,000 years.


Practicing yoga has a lot more to do with a lot more than just putting your body in a certain position. And putting your body in a certain position goes much deeper than just the body parts on the outside that are working you into that position. And using your body and doing the "posing" is only one tiny part of what is going on in a real yoga meditation. Meditating is a lot more than just doing a bunch of yoga poses and then laying down like a corpse. And breathing practices (pranayama) go a lot deeper than just "paying attention to your breath." Everything you do in life should be done with intention. With purpose. Moving your mind in a direction of stillness is the only way to get deeper into your spirit as a human. Moving with purpose as opposed to just moving. Narrowing your thinking down and peeling away layers of mental accumulation so you can "see what is underneath" and "eliminate" the bad energy and the bad impressions that have been left inside there...that has to do with personal intentions, personal stress and grief, and personal goals and obstacles in front of them. It should transform your attitude, your emotional life and ability to cope with it, and your experiences in life from not just your physical body but your sexual, spiritual, mental, intellectual, and even your other "bodies" and dimensions that are almost unexplainable. If you practice yoga regularly, you will keep every part of not just your body, but your mind in shape. But more has to go into it than just "posing."

I am here to take you deeper.

I am here for you no matter how much you have to pay.

I am here for those of you ready to "transform" into the fullest potential of a human you can be.

I am here to teach you how to survive the most comfortably with the least amount of stress and have the least amount of challenges for the rest of your days.

I am here to help you squeeze out as much of the juice of this life that you can...