About our Founder


Alexander Tsiros started teaching yoga to stuntmen in Wilmington, NC in 1999. He developed the interest after, as a stuntman himself, a fall left his spine badly out of place. Several visits to chiropractors left him with doubts and concerns to their approaches and techniques. After many visits and thousands of dollars to chiropractors and massage therapists, his spine returned to the same incorrect position, time and time again. He realized, in order to heal the injury, he needed to “fix himself” with a more long-term remedy for his spine.

Alex claims, to this day, that learning a simple yoga routine not only fixed his problem, but immediately strengthened the surrounding areas in a way that, not only prevented his spine from returning to its “new incorrect posture,” but would be the driving force giving him the determination to become the healer he is today.

Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2003 determined to meet the best yoga instructors in our country and seek training to become the best he could be. Throughout that process, he found qigong and the power it has, to not only further the effects of yoga, but cure many disabilities and problems that yoga alone did not seem to address. He studied with Jennifer Caravella (she founded Waking Bird and continues to teach qigong today) at White Tiger Qigong and Gung Fu.

Alex strongly believes that yoga infused with qigong multiplies the effects (“qigong is more powerful than yoga if taught correctly”), "fixes what western medicine can’t", and can impact your life in ways nothing else can. Alex has his own special "spices" and his own language that set him apart from the thousands of yoga teachers out there. Coinciding with this opening this studio, he will release his book, Autobiography of a (Real American) Yogi, in which he is trying to interpret his unique language for the audience.